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Day of Caring volunteer sign outside the RSVP Building. May 11th, 2021
Photo Credit: Day of Caring volunteer sign outside the RSVP Building. May 11th, 2021.

The theme of our 2021 Day of Caring event was "Celebrate Life", which was quite appropriate after the past year that we have all endured!

26th Annual Day of Caring event

We held our annual Day of Caring event on Tuesday, May 11th! It was a beautiful day and we had over 350 volunteers from area businesses give of their time to assist in various agency projects. Projects were completed in both Odon and Washington and we are so thankful that we were able to hold our event again after a turbulent 2020!

Thanks to all volunteers, agency partners, and all those who provided financial and in-kind donations. Our sponsors this year included:


Daviess Community Hospital



City of Washington


Edward Jones, Alan Bubalo

MacAllister Machinery

Shake Broadcasting LLC/WAMW

Daviess County Chamber of Commerce

and Visitors Bureau


Edward Jones, Tara Brower

Parkview Village Christian Care

The Insurance Shop

Town of Odon

Odon Locker


Indiana Forms and Labels

Good Samaritan Hospital

Indiana Safety and Supply

Camp Illiana

Washington Garden Club


Casa Sevilla

Odon Locker

Town of Odon

Kaffee Haus

Lexi’s Sugar Shack


Day of Caring 2021

We are planning on holding our 2021 Day of Caring event on Tuesday, May 11th. We will be keeping current with COVID-19 developments, but at the moment (as of March 8th) planning is moving forward for a May event!

We are currently looking for sponsors, businesses to supply volunteers, and agencies with projects that need to be done. If you would like to get involved, please call our office on 812-254-1038 or e-mail Thank you!

We appreciate your patience and flexibility as we work to make our Day of Caring 2021 a great community success!

25th Annual Day of Caring event

United Way of Daviess County unfortunately had to cancel our physical event due to COVID-19 restrictions, but we were still able to distribute Day of Caring t-shirts and encourage businesses and volunteers to partner with various agencies to complete projects - when they felt it was safe to do so. We would like to thank all of our sponsors for our 2020 Day of Caring event - local sponsors who supported Day of Caring this year both financially and through in-kind donations of PPE items included:

  • Good Samaritan Hospital
  • Edward Jones - Doug Bubalo
  • Edward Jones - Tara Brower
  • Edward Jones - Alan Bubalo
  • Helena Agri-Enterprises
  • TrueScripts
  • True RX
  • Perdue Farms
  • City of Washington
  • The Insurance Shop
  • NASCO Industries
  • Grain Processing Corporation
  • Daviess Community Hospital

Below are several photos from some recently completed agency projects! Thanks to all of these volunteers!

Here we have Sandra Traylor, a volunteer with RSVP, that spent 12.5 hours cutting out and putting together ornaments for Jubilee Christmas!! Connections puts on Jubilee Christmas every year and with that comes a lot of ornaments that need to be cut out!! Thanks for your support, Sandra! We appreciate you!

GPC and Rescom volunteers removing rubble at the new Habitat for Humanity build site.


TrueScripts volunteers cleaning a vehicle at Four Rivers/DSI.


Heartland OBGYN volunteers helping at Four Rivers/DSI.


Robert Barron helping with a Senior and Family Service project at a client's home.

Mark and Sheila Petty complete yard work for another client of Senior and Family Services.

24th Annual Day of Caring event

United Way of Daviess County held their 24th annual Day of Caring on Tuesday May 14th. This created a total value, in labor hours, of $82,188.86, which benefited the people in our community greatly! We had a record year with 649 volunteers, 58 businesses, and over 3,463.5 hours served.

The ladies from our Art and Flower Garden Club had the place decorated with this year’s camping theme. Rosi Kelso was the lucky winner of the door prize United Way sponsored. It included camping chairs, thermos, cooler, Walmart gift card, and more!

Senior and Family Servicesand RSVP volunteers served breakfast and lunch which was provided by Knepp’s Restaurant and Yolanda’s. It was a beautiful day; most work completed was outdoors and finished by the end of the day.

Ben Miller, director for Camp Illiana, provided lunch for all the youth volunteers serving out at the camp. Ben also, generously helped finance the breakfast for the morning of the event and served lunch for everyone at his camp. Thank you, Ben!

Casa Sevilla provided lunch to our volunteer crews in and around Odon. Thank you, Casa Sevilla!

Our appreciation does not only go out to all our volunteers, but we are thankful for our sponsors:

DOC 2019 Sponsors

$500 Sponsors

Grain Processing Plant

Camp Illiana

NASCO Industries

Odon Locker Casa Sevilla


Other Sponsors

Business Alliance of Odon

Terri Kelso Insurance 

Parkview Christian Care

True Scripts

Dr. Lana Helms  

Daviess Co. Economic Development 

Dutch Pantry

JayC Food Store



Washington Flower & Garden Club

Daviess County Medical Clinic- Odon

Chuckles of Odon

Graber Post

It is wonderful to see the 24th Day of Caring pull our community together and participate in the biggest service day in Daviess County! Events like this make Daviess County a great place to call HOME!

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